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Homes for Sale

Parallel Lines

Please call The Palms Estates of Highland County at

863-655-1909 for more information on available homes. 

133 Dominion Street - $169,000.00. Block house on the water with new seawall.   It has a screened porch, full air & heat, two bedrooms and all appliances.   For more details call Sara Mumma 239-410-4628


157 Dominion St. - $200,000.00. Block house, 1500 square feet, full seawall, boat house with lift, sun room, screened porch, dehumidifier, full air & heat, one king bed and one queen bed, in-unit laundry, dishwasher, microwave and oven.

Teresa Kirkindall 740-590-5883

154 Yellow Birch Road, 5th Wheel RV - $10,000.00, Contact Tom Collins at 715-223-7754.

621 Bramhall Road, 5th Wheel RV, Not available until mid October, please Contact Mike & Julie Swain at 813-597-8112.


We have several lots that a doublewide or single wide new home can be brought in and set-up also.

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