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Homes for Sale

Parallel Lines

Please call The Palms Estates of Highland County at

863-655-1909 for more information on available homes. 


133 Dominion Street - $235,000.00. Block house. For more details call Sara Mumma 239-410-4628


157 Dominion St. - $250,000.00. Block house. Full seawall, boat house with lift, sun room, screened porch, dehumidifier, full air & heat, one king bed and one queen bed.  Teresa Kirkindall 740-590-5883

121 Dominion St. - Block house. Teresa Kirkindall 740-590-5883

A lot at 133 Canal Street is available to have a doublewide new home to be brought in

with a cement pad already there for the home and driveway and is also located on the canal side that could have a dock built for fishing.

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