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The Palms Estates Policies

Application for Residency:

All prospective residents must first apply for admission, pay the per person application fee of $50, and be approved according to the policies of the Board of Directors as stated in the Prospectus. When a non-resident marries a resident and wishes to become a resident, he or she must also meet the same requirements.


Only one residence or RV is permitted on each lot. For homes, up to two passenger vehicles, one golf cart and one motorcycle may be parked on one lot. Boats may be stored in carport during resident absence. For RV’s, only one passenger vehicle, one golf cart, and one motorcycle may be parked by the unit. For all residences, boats, utility and boat trailers, additional RVs and additional vehicles belonging to residents, are to be parked in the area off North Drive (storage area on north side of park). Exceptions not to exceed 15 days: visitors, and the preparation for or the return from travel.

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